Surgical Oncology Observation Program

Surgical Oncology Observation Program
Turkey (07-18 / 11 / 2022)

Surgical Oncology monitoring consisting of training in Open and Minimally Invasive Surgical oncology procedures. Specialists are exposed to large volumes of complex surgical conditions and are involved in the initial evaluation of patients, treatment planning, multidisciplinary approaches through the tumor board, design of the surgical approach, postoperative and long-term follow-up care.

Purpose of the Education Program:
To develop surgeons who can perform ethical, evidence-based and safe cancer surgeries.

To learn the management of patients with different presentations of cancer, including clinical assessment, surgical treatment, neo-adjuvant and adjuvant therapy where appropriate.

Planning appropriate evidence-based treatment using knowledge of the natural history of the disease, integrating appropriate TNM staging and multidisciplinary care.

Actively participate in cancer research, maintain and interpret cancer data, and prevent and control cancer; and organizing cancer awareness programs.

General information:
– The training will be in English.
– The price includes transportation between the airport and the hotel.
– There are only 2 Empty Seats.
– It is an Observation Training.

History :
07-18 / 11 / 2022
05-16 / 12 / 2022
09-20 / 01 / 2023

Cost :
– 2 Weeks: $2,500.
– 1 Month : $3,000.

How to Apply:
– Please send your CV to our e-mail address.
– Write : ( Surgical Oncology Observation Program) in the e-mail header.
– Note: You must submit 10% of the fees within the application deadline to confirm your place.
– We will send you an Invitation letter for visa application.

Accomodation :
– Local 4-star hotel accommodation available for those in need, 40 per day including breakfast