Hands-on Microsurgery Training Program

Hands-on Microsurgery
Bahçeşehir University

The Purpose of this course is to learn the key skills in Microsurgery with emphasis on hands-on training.

The course is designed for residents and specialist in general surgery, neurosurgery, ENT, plastic surgery, gynecology, and urology.

Program Day 1 :

– Introduction to microsurgery.

Hands on: Running and Interrupted sutures on silicone materials.

– Microvascular anastomoses.

Hands on: end-to-end anastomoses ( Arteries ).

Hands on: end-to-end anastomoses ( Vein ).

Program Day 2 :

– Cerebral Bypass Surgery.

Hands on: 

end-to-side anastomoses ( Arteries ).

end-to-side anastomoses ( Veins ).

side-to-side anastomoses ( Arteries ).

side-to-side anastomoses ( Veins ).

– Microsurgery of the Nerves.

Hands on : Nerve Repair .

Program Day 3 :

Vascular Anatomy of the rat ( In-vivo Hands-on Training on rats ).

– Hands on: end-to-end anastomoses.

– Hands on: end-to-side anastomoses.

Course Evaluation

Certificate of attendance.

Instructors :

1) Heber Ferraz – Leite , MD , Medical University of Vienna / Austria .

2) Tomas Menovsky, MD, Ph.D., Antwerp University Hospital, Wilrijk / Belgium.

3) Filip Thiessen, MD, ZNA Middelheim, Antwerp / Belgium.

4) Süleyman Şener, MD, ZNA Middelheim, Antwerp / Belgium.

5) Türker Kiliç, MD, Ph.D., Dean of Medicine, Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul / Turkey.

6) Deniz Konya, MD, Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul /Turkey.

Cost :

Course fees: 880$.

Certificate :

By the end of the course, doctors will get a certificate from the host university ( Bahçeşehir University).

Venue :

Bahçeşehir Üniversite Hospital Medical Park Göztepe – Istanbul .

How To Apply :

– Please send us your CV on our Email:

– Write on the email title : (  Hands on Microsurgery ).

– Note: You have to send 10% from the fees during the application period to confirm your seat.

– We will send to you an Invitation letter to apply for Visa.

Accommodation :
– Local 4 stars hotel accommodation is available for those who require it, it cost 40$ / day with breakfast.

– Note: We will receive all the participants in the Airport.

Tour in Istanbul : 
 The price includes 1 Day tour for the most important sites in Istanbul.