French Thread Face Lift Applied Training Course

French Thread Face Lift Applied Training Course
Istanbul (08-09 / 12 / 2022)

It is a “Non-surgical” face lift procedure developed in France, which is performed using flexible threads with polyester inner material and silicone outer material. The “THREAD LIFT” technique, developed with high technologies in France, consists of strong ropes with “dynamic lifting” feature without the risk of breaking. French lifting is a thread that can stretch according to facial expressions, lift the face without causing deterioration in facial expression and has a permanence of 4-6 years. Our skin, which has difficulty in resisting gravity over time due to environmental and genetic factors, may loosen, sag and develop deep wrinkles. French lifting is a very successful, long-lasting and effective method used to reconstruct facial lines and facial ovals, raise low eyebrows, lighten lip, nose, chin, neck lines and face lift.

– Training is 2 Days of Practice Live models that each person practices on live models for each treatment.

Each person receives a certificate

Accreditation Card number EUROPASS CARD CARDCERT

Each participant can bring a model for free.

General information:
Only Doctors, Dentists, Nurses and Anesthesiologists can attend this Training.
The course starts at 09:00 and ends at 18:00.
The program includes theoretical and practical training.
Education will be in English.
The price includes transportation between the Airport and the Hotel.
Each course has 5 empty seats.
This Training is a practical course.

Duration :
2 days.

History :
24-25 / 11 / 2022
08-09 / 12 / 2022
22-23 / 12 / 2022

Cost :
– $2,500.

place :
Istanbul – Kadikoy

How to Apply:

– Please send your CV to our e-mail address.
– Write in the header of the e-mail: (Thread Lifting Training Course).
– Note: You must send 10% of the fees during the application period to confirm your place.
– We will send you an Invitation letter for visa application.

Accomodation :
– Local 4-star hotel accommodation available for those in need, $40 per day including breakfast.
– Note: We will meet all participants at the Airport.

Note :
-If you have any questions regarding Scholarships, Medical Courses, Observation, Internship and Elective in Turkey, please contact us via the E-mail below.