Looking for a Nurse to Work in Germany

We are looking for nurses in order to fill vacant nurse positions in Germany and to eliminate the problems of working abroad and unemployment for nurses with sustainable nurse recruitment.

Required Criteria

From the Health Departments;

  • 4-Year Bachelor’s Degree
    Vocational High School Graduates

What awaits you?

  • As a result of the applications and evaluations you will make with us, you are going through a foreign language and professional education process. Upon successful completion of the training, your placement and visa procedures are carried out. Integration studies are carried out to ensure compatibility with the country and the working environment after settling in Germany. As Par Health, we are with you in all these processes.

For detailed information;

  • +90 212 916 15 14

Application Form

    Purpose of Service

    As a result of the demographic changes in Germany, the problems of employees in the health sector are already felt. Although there are many vacancies, these vacancies cannot be filled. In order to prevent this problem from deepening in the next 5-10 years, a study is carried out that aims to employ qualified employees in their countries.
    At this point, an important opportunity arises for nurses who are both qualified and in excess of the norm in Turkey.
    It is aimed both to eliminate the shortage of qualified nurses in Germany and to provide nurses with the opportunity to work in Germany.

    For Detailed Information About Health Care Service at Home;

    You will have the same rights and obligations as German nurses.

    A professional perspective is given to foreign nurses in Germany. In addition, a fair and transparent placement procedure is carried out. You will receive fair pay and equal treatment with the same rights and obligations as German nurses.