Mehmet Par


Working Life:

Par Health Consulting Company – Founder
Istanbul Doctors Academy Company – Founder
Founding Member of International Business People Association – President of Health Commission

International Cooperation Countries:



He was born in 1990 in Şanlıurfa, Siverek. He studied in Siverek until high school. Afterwards, he graduated from Istanbul University Law Management and Anadolu University Health Institutions Management departments.

Since 2011, he has served many doctors and private hospitals in Turkey with the Par Health Consulting Company he founded. It has developed major projects that shape the health field of our country and signed international agreements at home and abroad.

He is the founder of a leading company that provides an average of 6,000 doctors from nearly 100 countries, primarily the USA, England, Germany, Australia, and Dubai, to receive training in our country. With the Istanbul Doctors Academy, which he founded in 2022, he undersigned another major project for our Turkish doctors to take an active part in the world health system.

Mehmet Par is one of the founding members of the International Business People Association (INTISAD). He also serves as the Chairman of the Association’s Health Commission.

He traveled to 70 cities in Turkey and 10 countries in Europe. It has increased its international cooperation in the countries where it is present.

He is fluent in Kurdish and Zazaki.